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Feel like sharing the love on Toluna?

Send each other some love with our new gifties for Valentine’s day.

Send some sugar with our Valentine’s chocolates, a lego surprise, a Valentine’s mug, a Valentine’s surprise, or a teddy bear.

Send a romantic giftie to all your friends or see what you can win for yourself.

Go forth and spread the love (but for a temporary time only)


The Toluna team

What are gifties and how to use them

Dear members,

Many of you do not seem to know about our Gifties program and how it works. Here is a short tutorial to help you understand it better.

  • What are Gifties?
  • How do Gifties work?
  • Where can I find the members who have won Gifties?

See you soon,

The Toluna Team

Starting soon… The Toluna #Challenge to have fun and earn more points

Starting on Tuesday we will be doing something new, the first Toluna #Challenge.

These #Challenges will be all about having fun on Toluna all while earning extra bonus points.
◘ Rules: ◘
♣ Starting on Tuesday we will post 2 sponsored polls a week with the hashtag #Challenge in the title.
♣ These sponsored polls can be found here: https://ie.toluna.com/Recent/QuickVotes
♣ All members who answer BOTH questions CORRECTLY will receive an extra 2000 bonus points
♣ Each sponsored poll is already worth 12 points so all participants will automatically receive those points no matter their answer

◘ Here is where it gets tricky: ◘
♣ The sponsored poll will pop up at a random time and disappear quite quickly
♣ Therefore to get the bonus points you will have to be ready and quick

♣ We will be launching two sponsored polls each week.
♣ You have to get the answer to BOTH correctly to win the bonus
♣ We will share the list of winners and the answers to the questions in a topic that same week

Some questions will be about Toluna so you better read up on our FAQs and site terms if you want to be able to answer the questions correctly and win the bonus.

Keep an eye out for that hashtag on Tuesday!
If you have questions, please ask us in the comments section so we can explain everything before we launch.

Good luck,
The Toluna Team

Recredited points for vouchers

Dear members,

We have recently experienced some delays in providing physical and digital vouchers, due to an issue with our partner. As a temporary solution, we have decided to deactivate these rewards from our Rewards Page. We have also cancelled all requests placed from September 1st until today in order not to keep you waiting. The points have been automatically credited back to your account so you can head over to our Reward Page and choose one of our available reward options there.

Please note that we will try to re-activate these as soon as this issue is solved.

Thank you for your understanding and we are sorry for the inconvenience that this might have caused.

These vouchers include

Boots 10 EUR
Argos 15 EUR
Arcadia 10 EUR
Next 10 EUR
Schuh 5 EUR


The Toluna Team


The most wonderful time of the year for gifties!!!

Hello everyone! It is that time of the year again! Christmas gifties are back!

Below is a list of all the fantastic gifties you can win. These gifties are limited edition and will be available on the site until the 25th of December.

You can find the gifties in your reward centre on toluna.com


Christmas Yankee Candle

Designed to create a relaxing atmosphere, light your Yankee candle to set a Christmas mood.


Christmas decoration

A fun and colourful garland, perfect for Christmas parties!

Christmas cookie cutters

This cookie cutter set makes it fun to create lots of goodies!

Snow Globe

This Christmas globe makes a perfect gift!

Good news everyone: Here is our latest webinar!

Learn how to redeem rewards with our newest webinar.

In this webinar we will be showing you how to:1. Find Toluna rewards
2. Redeem Toluna rewards?
3. How to make sure that rewards get correctly delivered to your address?
4. What to do after a voucher is processed for both Evouchers and Paper vouchers

Let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions for the subject of our next webinar.

Thanks everyone!

Permanently and Temporarily deactivated rewards

Dear members, 

Some of our rewards are going be be permanently or temporarily deactivated. Below is the list of rewards.

Permanently Deactivated Rewards

  1. Swarowski
  2. The Kase
  3. Arcadia
  4. Next
  5. River Island
  6. Schuh

Toluna Branded Awards

  1. Audio Separator
  2. Back up battery
  3. Black sunglasses
  4. Car phone holder
  5. Toluna Watch
  6. Travel Kit
  7. USB Charger
  8. Water Bottle
  9. Waterproof pouch

Temporarily Deactivated Rewards

  1. B&Q
  2. M&S
  3. Boots
  4. Argos



Selected Testers for products

Dear Members,

Please see the lucky testers for the following products

Testers for Spontex Salsa


Testers for Maybelline Mascara



Testers for Colgate Toothbrush


Testers for Essie Nail Polish


Testers for Sanex Deo Roll


Testers for Maybelline Blush


Congratulations to the testers and we hope you enjoy the products once they are delivered to your home.


Toluna Team

Are you ready for some Halloween fun?

Let’s have some Halloween fun on Toluna.

We will be organising a photo contest from October 17-to 27.
• Prepare your scariest ideas and your craft supplies.
• The 3 best participations will earn 10,000 points each!
• The rules will be posted on Monday! 

Stay tuned for more information