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The theme of the month is….. Travel Destinations! 

Create topics about the theme of the month and you may find yourself receiving extra points!

Remember, high quality topics will earn you points so make sure to make a topic that includes an interesting subject and an image.

In order to celebrate our theme of the month we have some new gifties.

The theme of the month is.... (2).jpg

You can now get:

An outdoor first aid kit: Stay safe during your treks and carry along this first aid kit.

Samsonite Suitcase: When you travel, do so in style with this great Samsonite suitcase.

Go to our rewards centre to find these new gifties.

Do you like film?

The theme of this month on Toluna is films. To celebrate we have added special movie themed gifties to our rewards centre. They are here for a limited time only!


Make sure to take part on the community by creating film inspired content for extra points!

Good Luck,

The Toluna Team

This month we will be focusing on TV, Film, and Music. To celebrate we have some new gifties!

The following special Gifties are now available until June! You can find these gifties in the rewards centre.

New TV inspired gifties!

Apple TV- Have full access to your iTunes library, to the programs you know and love and those you haven’t discovered yet

Bean bag-Have a seat in this comfortable bean bag and enjoy a book, a movie, or a video game

Good Luck!

Remember, if you win a prize from Toluna you will get an extra 1,000 points if you create a topic with an image of your prize. Show the community what you have won!

Easter Gifties Now Available!

Hello Members,

Easter is coming up soon we’ve added new Easter Gifties to the Rewards Center. These limited Gifties will only be available until April 14th, so look for the icons below in the Gifties section, and play for your chance to win!


There you will find:

Chocolate Easter Bunny

Easter surprise

Easter Egg basket

Good luck!
The Toluna Team

Mother’s day gifties are now available in the rewards centre (read below to win a free giftie)

To celebrate Mother’s day we have placed some special gifties in the rewards centre. Including:

Mother’s Day Yankee Candle set- A great selection of Yankee candles, beautifully wrapped in a pink box- 100 pointsMother’s Day ‘Mum’ box- A small silver finished trinket box to remind your mom everyday how much you love her- 100 points

Mother’s Day champagne set- Treat your mom with a gift full with wow factor: a Moët&Chandon Impérial champagne and exquisite chocolates and truffles- 100 points

If you would like to be spent a free giftie, tell us something special about your mother/guardian/grandmother/a lady that had a special influence on your life, and we will send you a Mother’s day giftie by clicking here

Feel like sharing the love on Toluna?

Send each other some love with our new gifties for Valentine’s day.

Send some sugar with our Valentine’s chocolates, a lego surprise, a Valentine’s mug, a Valentine’s surprise, or a teddy bear.

Send a romantic giftie to all your friends or see what you can win for yourself.

Go forth and spread the love (but for a temporary time only)


The Toluna team

What are gifties and how to use them

Dear members,

Many of you do not seem to know about our Gifties program and how it works. Here is a short tutorial to help you understand it better.

  • What are Gifties?
  • How do Gifties work?
  • Where can I find the members who have won Gifties?

See you soon,

The Toluna Team

The most wonderful time of the year for gifties!!!

Hello everyone! It is that time of the year again! Christmas gifties are back!

Below is a list of all the fantastic gifties you can win. These gifties are limited edition and will be available on the site until the 25th of December.

You can find the gifties in your reward centre on toluna.com


Christmas Yankee Candle

Designed to create a relaxing atmosphere, light your Yankee candle to set a Christmas mood.


Christmas decoration

A fun and colourful garland, perfect for Christmas parties!

Christmas cookie cutters

This cookie cutter set makes it fun to create lots of goodies!

Snow Globe

This Christmas globe makes a perfect gift!