Time to get your game on! #TolunaOlympics

Dear Influencers,

It’s time to let out some cheer because the beginning is here!

Are you ready to celebrate the Olympics here on Toluna with us?

Whether you’re usually in the crowd cheering on your favourite team or used to being part of the hands-on action by participating yourself – there’s something for everyone!

With our very special game in the Games Centre, you can race, swim and surf to your heart’s content and win up to 60,000 points! Thanks to us, you can be part of all the sports action from the comfort of your home 😉

But that’s not all, there’s also a dedicated contest to applaud and encourage your community’s team all the way to the finish line by submitting your very own photo or video – the top 3 will each win 10,000 points and 7 runners up being crowned with 5,000 points respectively.

And we know that all of the racing around will make you hungry, so why not re-energise with our bonus food game?

Each game will have its own leaderboard so be sure to re-charge and make sure you’re equipped to ensure your community’s country wins one of the three medals at the end, which you guessed it, means more points for everyone taking part!

Are you going for bronze, silver or gold?

Get your game on!

Toluna Team P.S.

Don’t forget to check your e-mails and take part in our survey competition!

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