Well done Ireland

final dib

Dear Members,
YES, we made it! Thank you very much for your hard work for the DIB contest. I am really happy to see our lovely community in the 3rd week even though we are not in the top 3 according to the result of the contest.
Let`s talk about the 3rd week leaderboard who won 3000 points first:


♣ martinagriffin122
♣ patriciagriff
♣ doligd7
♣ ruta64
♣ weno

With Chief Survey Officer 3 members below will receive 10000 points:

♣ NIB…
♣ pprathyusha971989
♣ karen_kavanagh


Well done everybody! You deserved it. You will receive your points within next week.


See you on the next contest and keep enjoying on Toluna:)
The Toluna Team
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