Ireland Does It Better: Weekly Leaderboard 

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Dear Members,

Thank you very much for your effort and hard work for the DIB Mission. However, It is not enough! As you can see that our lovely community is not in the list! I know that we can do BETTER!

These are the Top 10 Toluna communities during the first week:

♣ Russia
♣ Austria 
♣ Switzerland
♣ New Zeland
♣ Hungary
♣ Turkey
♣ Canada
♣ Hong Kong
♣ India
♣ The Netherland

Every week, the top 5 participants of each community will receive 3 000 points! And the Top 5 members and their number of DIB posts:

♣ martinagriffin122
♣ patriciagriff
♣ ruta64
♣ doligd7
♣ luie46

Well done to everyone! I do hope to see our community in the list next week!

I will just give you some tips on how to make it BETTER:

♣ Please do create TOPICs only during this mission.
♣ Please do not forget to add DIB in front of your tittle for each post that you create for the missions.
♣ You can create topics for any subject too. If you are done with the mission, go and talk about other subjects. I know that you are very creative people!

Let`s do it all together and show that Ireland Does it BETTER!

Good luck,

Toluna Team

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