How proud of being Irish are you? – Ireland Does It Better Challenge 

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Dear Member,

I have read an article about the Irish population and the result of the same-sex marriage law.

Do you know that despite over 84 percent of the Irish population belonging to the Catholic Church, Ireland still managed to be the first country to legalize same-sex marriage through a popular vote?
YES! That’s definitely something to be proud of.

For today’s mission we want to know about a historical or current fact/ moment of Ireland that always makes you feel proud to be Irish.

To participate in this mission and prove that Ireland is positively the proudest nation, please follow this simple rules:

♣ Create a Topic with your contribution 
♣ Add the letters « DIB » in front of the title (e.g.: DIB – I’m always proud of…) 
♣ Complete the mission by 11th March at 23h59 

Remember: By joining the Ireland Does It Better competition, you can earn 3000 points each week and a 10€ voucher at the end!

Proud of yourself!

Toluna Team

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