Weekly Spotlight Rules

Hello Everyone!

Here we have the new and improved Weekly Spotlight! This will compile of 3 things:
– The first, Member of the Week, this will be 2000 points to the member who has created the best content on the site for the week!
-The second, a topic will be selected by us. Everyone who then creates a topic on the same subject with their opinion will automatically win 500 points.
– Thirdly, our favourite topic that one of you post will win themselves an extra 2000 points!

This means that every Friday you have the chance of winning 4500 points!!!

weekly spotlight EN

– All participants must CREATE A TOPIC with a VISUAL, and a short anecdote of their memory. SIMPLE! ***Please note that if you comment on the Topic, IT WILL NOT COUNT***

– ALL participants will receive a rank up worth 500 points, and the winner will get 2,000 points. The winner will be the member with the story the Toluna Team thinks is the best!

– Create the TOPIC starting with ‘Weekly Spotlight‘ in the title.

Kind Regards

The Toluna Team 🙂

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