The General Knowledge Quiz Game

Dear Members,

Because we love to give our members points, we’ve been reviewing the games for Ireland and are going to re-introduce some back into the community. So here to start is the general knowledge quiz.


To animate the site while allowing our members to win points and test their knowledge we will be launching the General Knowledge Game on 18-08-14


Each game will last one week (from Monday to Sunday) and start over on the following Monday.

To get you ready, here are the rules.



◘ We will post ONE enigma every week. This competition can only be won by an Irish account holder.

◘ To find the answer, we will give you hints.

◘  We will post one hint per day. 

◘ The first Irish member to find the answer to the enigma wins

◘ If a member finds the answer from the first hint he will win the Grand Prize of 5000 points.

◘ To make things more competitive, the reward will decrease the prize by 1 000 points for every hint that we have to give before the answer is found.

If no one has found the answer by the end of the week on Friday, you will have the weekend to find the answer but the reward will only be worth 500 points after Friday!

It will no longer decrease after that no matter how long it takes to get the answer!

To help you understand how it works here are 2 examples:

1st example:

  • We are looking for an ANIMAL

    Hint 1: “Small ball of fur that likes cuddles”

    A member answers “cat”

He found the answer to the enigma from the first hint.

He will win 5 000 points and we are going to start a new enigma the next Monday.


Second example:

We are looking for a THING

Hint 1: “Wakes you up at the morning.”
Nobody finds

Hint 2: “Liquid, that loves to be dark”
Nobody finds

Hint 3: “You can take it strong”

A member answers Coffee“.

He wins 3000 points because he found on the 3rd hint.

If the answer is given on Friday, it will then only be worth 1000 points.

Did you understand the rules? If you have any questions or comments we would be happy to answer them before the game officially starts so don’t hesitate.

See you on monday for the first game!

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