This week brings the excitement of the Eurovision Song Contest and the Irish entry ‘Jedward’ with their song ‘Lipstick’ is tipped to be a big hit. Ireland holds the record for the most number of wins in the contest, however the success of the 90’s has not yet been recaptured so, the big question in the Toluna community at the moment is, can ‘Jedward’ do it???!!!

If you have not had a chance to listen to their song ‘Lipstick’ taken from their second album then take a look now;

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Ireland normally benefits from “neighbourly voting” from the United Kingdom, and as ‘Jedward’ are already popular in the UK due to their success on ‘The X Factor’ this could give them a massive advantage over other unknown European artists. Moreover, the European Song Contest normally sees quirky contestants grabbing the top spot and with the promise of a spectacular performance from this loveable duo, we’re sure that they can win Europe over with their quiffs, matching outfits and crazy dance moves! Make sure you keep checking the Quickvote to see how the Toluna community thinks Jedward will do.

However, if the Eurovision isn’t your thing and you would rather talk about the Euro, upcoming holidays or your favourite food there are many other interesting posts which are waiting for your comments or why not create your own here, you can add videos and pictures too!!

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