Beannacht Lá Fhéile Pádraig (Happy St Patrick’s Day!)

St Patrick’s day is here once again and the festive spirit has also transcended on to the Toluna website. Many members are creating content based on this important celebration for anyone with a bit of Irish blood in them (or just those who are green with envy that they don’t!). Have a look at how many of your fellow members will be celebrating by voting on this poll. People have different ways of celebrating St Patrick’s day, whether you prefer a relaxed family affair with some good Irish food, joining in the many parades and services or just heading for the nearest Irish pub then read all about it here… and share your ideas on how to celebrate!

However ‘Tyson31’ has taken the idea of St Patrick’s day and asked the significance of the day for our members, although it has religious backgrounds it has developed into a general celebration of all things great about Irish culture, so add your thoughts here.

From looking at the other Toluna sites it is evident that people all over the world will be joining in on the celebrations.

I am sure our members in Chicago, the USA will be heading down to see the river which is annually dyed green and the parade in Sydney, Australia is meant to be fantastic. Remember you could upload photos and videos of your St Patrick’s day celebrations to the site to share across the Toluna world!

So where ever you are and whatever you doing, here at Toluna we wish you a Happy St Patrick’s day!

See you soon on the site!
The Toluna Team


One response to “Beannacht Lá Fhéile Pádraig (Happy St Patrick’s Day!)”

  1. James says :

    and don’t forget Yorkshire Day on 1st August… eeeee by gum

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